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  1. 💓💓 No se como comentar este Bello Microcuento… Lo que voy a hacer es contar lo que me sucedió ayer: Cuando se iva mi compañera de trabajo, mi Alma hablo por medio de mi labio y salio una Frase que en ella, en su rostro le provoque la más hermosa y excitante sonrisa, y en su mirada vi los ojos más Bellísimo que gamas e visto, le cambie el día a esa mujer que me descoloca cada vez que la veo y le produzco eso en ella, me hace desear ir a comerla a Besos. Lo que quería decirle era: » Que es muy buena «, y al final termine diciendo: » Que era mi brujita más Bella «. Ella estaba realmente Hermosa-Bella con ese rostro lleno de Alegría y Felicidad. Estaba completamente irradiada de Amor por lo que le dije. 💓💓

    💓💓 Me a encantado 💓💓

    💓💓 😊🤗😊 💓💓

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  2. Si observas, sé que no es tu caso, que la tinta se ralentiza no lo dudes…marcapasos al canto. Disfruto leyendo tus escritos y bromas aparte sigue chorreando y tejiendo letras «palabreras» que forman micros y macro cuentos seguidos y degustados. Saludos

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    1. am delighted to read and review another charming book in the nuggies book series. Chomper is an adorable pup, who has a penchant for getting dirty just like his young readers. After all when you spend your days playing in garbage cans, rolling in the mud, and chasing skunks, a price will have to be paid. That price is being a candidate for a good scrubbing in the bathtub. Chomper does all he can to resist his fate, but his owner tracks him down.

      Once in the tub, Chomper discovers a world of imagination. He can imagine adventures like swimming with the fishes, surfing, and sailing across the seas in a pirate ship. Chomper discovers feeling fresh as a daisy after a bath might not be so bad after all.

      The text consists of simple sentences and the illustrations are simple, bold and creative. I love the image of Chomper’s owner giving him a bath dressed in a suit. Parents of reluctant toddlers and preschoolers who hate bath time will grab this book as an effective way to change young reader’s behavior. Recommended especially for children ages two through five. The short tale is perfect for bedtime story or nursery classroom read aloud

      I received an advance review copy from the publisher and decided to voluntarily read and read with my honest opinions for no compensation.

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